Atlanta Building Security Services


If you are the owner of an office building, then you may think your building is secure. It may be that there is a hard-wired security and fire alarm in the building, or that the area it’s in has relatively little crime. The fact is that there are a variety of hazards that can occur during the day or night, whether the building is occupied or not.

Your office building is an asset and needs to be protected. The best way to ensure the safety of your property is to hire professional security services for your office building. Security guards offer many services that can offer ensure your property is guarded against hazards and will keep the tenants of the building safe.

Whether you need a posted security guard to greet and manage foot traffic, or you need a foot patrol service to help deter crime, we have professionals that will meet your needs. Our security officers can help remove unwanted persons, monitor safety issues, and provide valuable customer service to clients, vendors and employees. We also can help keep the building secure at night by checking for unlocked doors, vandalism and suspicious activity.

When you hire our security guards, criminals will think twice about breaking in. We can also assist your employees by escorting them to the cars or helping with building access. Our security personnel are trained to follow procedures at all times, so you can rest easy knowing that your building is being effectively taken care of by our guards.

If a disaster or unforeseen event should occur, our security guards are trained to effectively manage the situation to safeguard your property. Whether it’s an intruder, medical emergency or burst pipe, our professionals will handle the situation immediately and appropriately. We will provide documentation of the event for legal purposes and insurance claims, and complete any necessary follow up to help resolve the situation.

We provide versatile services for your property, ranging from professional concierge services to posted and uniformed security guards. Our employees understand the importance of client confidentiality and customer service to help safeguard your building’s reputation. The tenants will also appreciate the extra layer of security added to their workplace, as they can be assured that our guards are watching out for their best interest.

Don’t give criminals a chance to harm your property or victimize your tenants. Let us show you the benefits of having trained security officers provide the best protection in the industry. 

Our quality services are available day and night to help protect your assets.

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Call today! (404) 797-6780