ATLANTA Temporary Security Guard Services


If you have a need for highly trained short-term security guards, then we can help. We don’t just hire anyone— all of our employees are background checked and certified to provide you with professional protection, no matter what the job is. We can provide you with contracted security officers for all of your short-term needs.

There are many business and personal reasons to hire short term security guards. Even if you already have a great security team for your business, there may be issues that occur where need an extra level of protection. 

There’s no such thing as having too much security, but too little can be disastrous. If you want to ensure that your employees, loved ones and property are secure, then talk to us about providing you with short term guard services.

Special events are a common reason for hiring temporary security guards. Personal events such as weddings, parties, estate sales, funerals and even large home renovations are a perfect reason to hire our highly trained guards. 

You may have unwanted or unruly guests at your special event who will need special handling. Our officers are trained in communications techniques that will effectively deescalate the situation. The last thing you want at your party is an unhappy or inebriated guest causing issues for all of the other attendees.

Highly charged emotional events like funerals or weddings are also an ideal scenario to hire security guards. In some emotional settings, there may be people unable to control themselves due to the situation, and we will help escort them calmly and quietly. 

Additionally, wedding showers can often provide a plethora of opportunities for criminals to come and help themselves to the gifts and personal belongings of the guests— our watchful security guards will prevent that from happening so that you can enjoy your big day.

If your home is empty because it’s for sale or under construction, then consider hiring us to maintain a watchful presence until it is occupied again. Empty homes and construction sites can be an attractive nuisance for vandals and neighborhood kids— they are also a welcome location for criminals and unwanted guests who are looking for a place to rob or live in. Let us stop thieves and squatters at the door before they create damage.

Businesses and construction sites often have the need for temporary security. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee situation, a damaged entrance, or an open construction area, we have trained staff available to patrol or stand guard to protect your assets. You may also need to transport expensive items, important executives or large amounts of money. We provide coverage to you whether it’s a stationary situation or on the move.

Our security staff can cover your concert, fair, school play or emergency situations. Large public events always need security, for everything from theft to lost children. Our guards can also act as customer service to help direct patrons and answer questions while providing protection at the event. 

We train our offers to be effective in every situation, whether they are helping parents at a school or standing guard at a disaster site. Our versatile security team will provide the temporary protection you need anywhere, anytime.

Call today! (404) 797-6780

Call today! (404) 797-6780