Atlanta Security Patrol Services


AES uniformed security officers can provide a visual crime deterrent— they patrol your facilities in a clearly marked vehicle at asymmetric times in order to maintain premises and client safety and security. If requested, they can be assigned to stay on premises at key times, such as when an employee is working after-hours or when employee shifts end, providing escort and safety for departing and/or incoming workers.

Security officers provide written logs that describe their observations during a given shift. In the event of a problem, they will engage immediately in the situation and will call first responders or your key employees, as needed.

If your facility requires such services, security officers can inspect clean rooms in the proper room attire, turn off key machinery at specific times, or adjust building temperature controls. They may also be called upon to stay on the premises at certain hours to vet incoming employee credentials and photo identification, or to physically open and close facilities at the beginning and end of the business day.

If there are concerns of theft and/or corporate espionage, our security forces can provide additional forms of physical surveillance and/or deterrence.

Cost Benefits of Security Patrol Officers

Some facilities do not require a 24/7 security service presence. In that case, the answer is often a security patrol that takes the time to patrol and sweep the entire grounds for unusual or suspicious activity— even better are regular visits in a clearly-marked AES security vehicle to the patrol site for an interior and exterior inspection of the grounds. Your company can benefit from a cost savings over a 24/7 security presence.

Another cost saving measure is when we conduct interior inspections on your behalf of key machinery and equipment. You can train our officers to monitor equipment for signs of trouble and either call a key employee or make a settings adjustment. This saves you the expense of key equipment failing, potentially halting production.

Crime Deterrence Benefit of Security Patrols

Whether thieves, trespassers or vandals, the timely visits of our uniformed security officers in their AES patrol car quickly removes any desire to target your establishment.

Rapid Deployment in the Case of Emergencies

In the case of a site emergency, we can deploy quickly and respond as needed, whether with the physical presence of our uniformed patrol officers, responding (per your training) to a machinery issue, notifying your key employees of a problem or contacting first responders.

Water and Power Outages Support

If you have a water or power outage onsite, our employees can be trained to adjust or shut down key machinery to avoid failure and to notify your key personnel of the problem.

Safety for Employees

If your facility is in a high-crime area, the peace of mind of having our uniformed officers monitoring the beginning and ending of shifts and making special rounds when employees are working late can help employees and their families maintain a feeling of protection and safety— this helps retain your key staff members.

Why Choose American Eagle Security Group?

In the metro Atlanta area, we are highly respected for our focus on professionalism and high training standards. We have been serving the Atlanta area with high-quality security services since 2006. We offer 24-hour phone support and immediately respond to any questions or issues you have. We believe we are unique in that we will not bill for any day when you are displeased with the work of our security officers.

Contact us today at AES so that we can address your unique security patrol service needs.

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Call today! (404) 797-6780