General Security Guard Services


If you own a business or commercial property, then you know that there are a myriad of responsibilities that come with being in charge of the building and the safety of employees and the public. Whether the neighborhood is quiet with little foot traffic or in a busy urban area, both of the properties are equally at risk from outside forces. Our company offers security solutions for any kind of business. Whether you are big or small, we have highly trained security guards ready to protect your assets.

Crime is always a number one concern for any business owner, and that’s why hiring a uniformed guard for your location is necessary. Our security officers will provide a strong presence that will tell criminals to stay away. We are also effective in reducing unwanted persons from loitering on your property. Our officers will keep a watchful eye out for vandals, graffiti, and suspicious activity.

Our security team is also trained in effective communication skills to help keep a bad situation from getting worse. If you have inebriated patrons, upset customers or even a disgruntled employee, let our uniformed officers handle the problem by removing them from the property without disrupting the workplace. If you have smokers in unauthorized areas, skateboarders or vandals who are making your property unwelcome for prospective customers, then we can address the issue for you.

By providing professional security services, you send a message not only to trespassers, but also to your employees, tenants, vendors and guests. The message is that you care about their safety. In turn, they will feel secure in entering the building and completing their regular transactions. Providing a security guard at the entrance is a great way to help direct the flow of visitors, answer questions and to be proactive in resolving any issues before they potentially become serious.

We hire only the best employees and train them extensively in patrol procedures, report writing, fire safety, communication skills and problem-solving. Foot patrols are a smart way to ensure your building is safe regardless of whether it is day and night. Our security guards will inspect doors, check for signs of unwanted activities and do safety checks of equipment. 

They also provide services to tenants or employees who may need an escort or have locked themselves out of the building. Our officers are fully trained in confidential security procedures and will never discuss your company’s activities.

When you hire our professional officers, you are providing an additional level of safety and security to your business. Law enforcement may not always be able to respond to your calls, but our staff will be there to manage, protect and report any break-ins, maintenance issues or unusual activity that they witness during their patrols. We will also provide you with documentation and witness representation for legal enforcement or insurance purposes. 

Contact our professionals today to create a security plan that works for you.