Fire Watch Patrol Services



The safety and security of your building are important to us, and that is why we offer professional fire watch services as part our of our available range of protections. There are certain situations at your property that may require that you maintain an around the clock fire watch— even if you already have a security system in place at your location, you will still need trained officers to perform the duties of a fire watch.

Office buildings, warehouses and construction sites come with a variety of issues that create the need for a trained fire watch security guard. For instance, your fire alarm system may be in need of repair, or there may be a problem with the water supply. Fire marshals often require construction sites to hire fire watches because of the highly flammable materials they store in their yard. If the building has already had a fire that has been extinguished, it may be necessary to keep a fire watch in case the fire reignites.

If a fire marshal tells you that you are required to provide a trained fire watch officer, make sure you do not ignore it— if you don’t provide the necessary patrols, you will be hit with hefty fines and could even lose your building permit. Your business insurance may also be affected if they find that you failed to provide what was necessary to keep the building from being damaged.

Our security officers are trained extensively in fire watch procedures. They understand the importance of checking each checkpoint to ensure there are no hazards, and to keep a valid record with the correct locations and times of their patrols. Our fire watch patrol officers will fill out the fire log correctly each and every time to ensure compliance with the fire department. They will pay close attention to details and contact the appropriate party immediately if there are any safety issues. Our system provides fire watch surveillance 24 hours a day. We will never leave a patrol unoccupied.

We offer our fire watch services to an array of business types including restaurants, banks, hotels, and apartment buildings. Whatever your situation is, we are here to take care of your property and keep it safe from fire damage. Our fire watch guards are trained in checking fire safety equipment, checking building systems and communicating with emergency services. 

Let us safeguard your building so that you can focus on running your business.